What We Do

What We Do

We raise money to help cancer patients who cannot afford their day-to-day living expenses during treatment. Often our assistance is on a one-time emergency basis, sometimes while patients wait for disability or insurance payments to begin. We offer help with things such as rent, mortgage, utilities, groceries, and transportation and parking expenses at treatment facilities. These individuals are referred to us by healthcare professionals, community organizations, and by word of mouth, often from one of our supporters. We have provided financial assistance to a number of individuals who had nowhere else to turn for help.


  • "When I came home that day and found your check in the mail, I was at first surprised, then greatly relieved. It meant I could pay my bills. I was terribly grateful, because it meant I might survive financially, not just physically. To me, that check was everything at that moment. I cannot put into words how grateful I was - and am. Please continue to do your good work by helping cancer patients directly. They may never be able to fully express their gratitude, but know that your help means so much."

  • "I will remain grateful forever, for you and your foundation. Truly, your actions are of love and God sent."

  • "You are so kind to help me pay my rent. I pray that God will generously bless you and your organization."