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The Gene Roman Family Foundation is dedicated to helping people who are battling cancer and experiencing financial burdens.

The Gene Roman Family Foundation is a 501(3)(c) charitable non-profit corporation founded by Gene and Sandie Roman in 2003, shortly after Gene was diagnosed with cancer. As they struggled to comprehend this diagnosis and all the related consequences, one of the things they felt God guiding them to do was to help other people facing similar situations.

Unfortunately, Gene passed away in May 2004, but we are proud to carry on the work that was his dream - assisting people who are fighting cancer and experiencing financial hardship.


The Gene Roman Family Foundation

Our goal is to raise money to directly help people without deducting the salaries and administrative expenses that are sometimes involved in larger organizations.

We are staffed entirely by volunteers. No portion of your donation is used for salaries nor was any portion ever used for Gene's medical expenses or treatments.


Our logo was designed by Kevin Kapala. The Roman column symbolizes Gene's strong character and strength in his battle with cancer and represents the support one can find from family and friends. The bright sun symbolizes the hope that is within all of us. It also reminds us that a life threatening illness makes one appreciate everything more - the sun shines brighter; the grass is greener, etc. The rays coming off the sun symbolize the family's outreach to others.

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